If you took a survey, asking people if they enjoyed working out, you’d definitely get mixed reviews. While some people find that working out is their passion, many dread even the thought of stepping into a gym. Even some of the world’s most in-shape people will tell you that they have days where they just don’t want to workout. For those who see fitness as the enemy, there is hope. There are so many ways to get a good cardio workout in, without ever putting a foot on a treadmill. Here are some of my favorites!


Laser Tag

Yes, you read that right, laser tag. The activity that children wait all week long to do with their friends on a Saturday night is quickly becoming a popular way to get your cardio in. With the intricate set up of many courses, players have to weave their way around corners and up ramps. Of course, if you choose to find a nook and hide, you won’t get much of a workout. But if you choose to partake, a typical laser tag game runs anywhere from 30-40 minutes, about the amount of recommended cardio one should do per day. In major cities such as LA, laser tag is actually becoming a fitness class, Lazrfit, where after 8 minutes of play, up to 250 calories were burned.


Rock Climbing

Indoor or outdoor rock climbing reaps endless benefits for our fitness. The fineness and strength used to climb those tricky walls can help get anyone into shape. One of the best aspects of rock climbing is the ability to advance within the sports. There are many different levels, so when you reach one milestone or conquer a certain wall, you can move onto something more intense.



With the creation of fitness activities such as Zumba, almost everyone knows that dancing can burn lots of calories. Not only does the adapted dance class give out its fair share of calorie burning, but even ballroom dancing has proven to improve fitness for many. With the rapid motions, twists, and turns, dancing is quickly becoming something many turn to in order to get their sweat on. Adult hip-hop classes are offered all around the world. Not only can you become fit from such classes but next time you’re at a party you can show off your new moves.