Although many of us have been working on our summer bodies for a few months, it’s never too late to change up your routine. Staying active has always been important but having the ability to track fitness and set goals has never been easier than it is today. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, hundreds of smartphone apps and websites exist to help keep you on track as you work towards your health achievements. Here are a few personal favorites!



My Fitness Pal

Continuously ranking at the top of the fitness app charts, this program has it all. With capabilities to set weight loss (or gain) goals, My Fitness Pal assists users as they decide the path of best fit for their wellness journey. With over 100 million users last year, this app is bound to help get your body ready for summer! The app’s extensive database of food and fitness activities makes it extremely easy for anyone to track their healthy lifestyle achievements.




This app was specifically designed with athletes in mind. It’s multi-faceted interface allows users to do everything from meal prep, to calorie tracking, and even grocery list building. One of the best features of Athleats is their extensive recipe database. With over 60,000 healthy recipes chefs of all experiences can find the best meal for them. Another great features is the extensive nutritional information given for each recipe. Users are also able to add their own healthy recipes to share with their fellow health fanatics!



FitStar Personal Trainer

Technology has really saved people tons of money. Now, you don’t even need a personal trainer, as there is one at the palm of your hands at all times. FitStar, delivers users their own customizable workout plans right to their phone. With the ability to set personalized fitness goals, this apps has thousands of different workouts for every body type and fitness level. FitStar is owned by Fitbit so for those with the device, all workouts will sync to the app and give accurate readings of fitness goals. Their extensive library also makes for a very user-friendly experience!