No surprise – stress is a major issue affecting most of the US population. Though it’s everywhere, many people aren’t aware of its impact on health, wellbeing, careers and relationships. Stressors effect people in different ways, and there’s no single solution.

BUT there are many ways that we can manage life to keep stress in check.


  • Higher Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Concentration
  • Increased Agitation
  • Stomach Problems
  • Weight Gain
  • Decreased Sex Drive


  • Technology

Participants in a study about Facebook said the site made them feel anxious, guilty over rejecting friend requests, pressure to post inventive updates, and frustrated with applying different rules of online etiquette to different friends.

  • Work

Stress costs businesses billions of dollars each year for reasons such as lowered productivity, absence, and compensation claims.

  • Money

A 2012 study found that paying bills and managing account is the most stressful household task – even worse that house cleaning!

  • Relationships

Did you know that stress is contagious? This phenomenon has been linked to mirror neurons, brain cells involved in empathy reactions.


  • Exercise

If your schedule doesn’t allow for regular trips to the gym, try parking farther away and walking to work, taking the stairs, or stretching at your desk to relieve tension.

  • Take Charge

Feeling out of control is a top stressor. So try focusing on what you can control. Set small, achievable goals that give you a sense of daily accomplishment. Learn to say NO. Taking on new tasks when you’re already busy may seem helpful, but too much on your plate is likely to decrease the quality and volume of work you actually accomplish.

  • Organize

Stop stress before it starts: a survey investigating the most effective stress management techniques revealed that planning is the #1 way to minimize stress. Clutter in your physical environment can affect your mood and productivity. Clearing your work space just might help clear your mind.

  • Schedule “me time”

Taking me time is one of the most popular ways that Americans tackle their stress. Things like listening to music, relaxing with a favorite hobby, enjoying a massage, or even going on a walk around the neighborhood by yourself are great ways to clear your mind and relieve some of the stress from your day.