Whether you’re trying to get back in shape, drop a few pounds or go full on with losing a lot of weight it is important to incorporate exercise and a healthy diet into your regimen. Remember that changing bad habits will not happen overnight and being healthy in mind and body should not be adopted for immediacy, but for a long term health care process.  So don’t call it a diet, call it a body come back, and take sustainable small steps towards this.cardio

If you are looking to improve your health, adopting long term cardio you enjoy, both for sustainability and functionality is advised. If you are looking to drop some pounds, high intensity cardio is also encouraged. One of the benefits of high intensity cardio is that you can do this in a short time, and reap the same benefits you may have if you employed longer term cardio.

Most people are bored with the idea of cardio. The vision of walking on a lone treadmill isn’t exactly encouraging. One of the best ways to start is adopting a workout you actually enjoy and doing that daily, while  separating that with some time for some high intensity cardio incorporated in your regimen can help balance things out.


In this article by Women’s Health Magazine, the writer outlines some of the best cardio workouts you can employ to get in shape.


Walking is great low impact exercise and can be enjoyable when working with a team. Many people have lost weight by simply working. In this article by Shape.com, the writer features a story from the founders of Georgetown Cupcakes, who lost 100 pounds between them. Both women credit walking and adopting a healthy lifestyle when it comes to nutrition as part of their success in losing the pregnancy weight.


Jump Rope/ Skipping

You may think this to be childish or juvenile but jump rope in intervals or long term is considered as one of the strongest workouts for anyone working towards overall health and fitness. Jump rope exercises spanning 30-45 minutes are a great way to burn fat, and also work as a HIIT workout which will be discussed below.

Gym Machines

Alternating between machines and increasing your intensity, is one of the best ways to get the most out of your cardio workouts. If you want to avoid sustaining injuries opt for the elliptical or a low incline on your treadmill, while you turn up the speed. Machines are a great way to workout especially when the weather conditions change. The gym is also a great place to try out what works for you. Though machines are not the only way to lose weight, they offer a synthetic way of increasing weights and incline, which can provide your cardio workout with the intensity needed to burn fat.

High Intensity workouts

According to bodybuilding.com, HIIT, which stands for high intensity interval training. This is a very intense form of exercise which is especially great for fat burning. Since this form of exercise is very arduous for the body, it should only be done in the last 15-25 minutes of your overall workout.

Information is courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine and Shape Magazine