Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about getting in shape for the summer. Summer bodies are created this time of year, and now is the best time to start changing your habits to be summer body ready!

Healthier Eating Habits
Nutrition is a substantial part of weight loss. Anyone looking to lose weight for the summer should start by looking at what they are eating every single day. Just working out every single day will not help you lose weight. Adding a healthy, well-balanced diet will help you reach your body weight goals. Adding fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and nuts is a great way to start healthy eating habits.

Adjust Your Workouts
It is no secret that it is much harder to stay motivated in the colder months, but staying active all year is one of the biggest keys to staying in shape. If you are looking to shed the extra pounds from the holidays, adding weight to your workout will not hurt. It will not only help to increase your metabolism, but it will also help burn more calories.  

While cardio is also a key component to help with weight loss, it is much harder to find the motivation to head outside in the cold. Light treadmill workouts will help keep your stamina up for when you transition to running outside again.

If you can not get a workout in every day, it is still important to stay active. Adding a walk on your lunch break will not only get you out of the office but allow you to get some exercise in for the day.

Slow and Steady
It’s important to remember that losing a lot of weight very suddenly is very unhealthy for your body’s cardiovascular system. It also takes time for your hormones to readjust to the change in your body. While any sort of weight loss is achievable, it is important to remember it is not always sustainable and can have adverse effects on your body.

It is essential to start as early as possible to allow your body the chance to adjust to the new changes you are making to get summer ready. Starting too late will only cause you to try things that are not as healthy and hurt you in the future.