In today’s world, many of us have become accustomed to certain daily habits. There are certain aspects of our day that we refuse to give up simply because it is embedded in our brain as a necessity. Some of these behaviors are fine but many are harmful to our health. Here are a few lifestyle swaps that could help to drastically change your overall health.


Greek Yogurt

This underrated member of the dairy family has become a healthy substitute lifesaver for so many. Alone, plain Greek yogurt is not the most satisfying food. There are plenty of health benefits to eating it, so spruce it up with some honey, fruit, or granola. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this food is it’s ability to take on any flavor it is combined with. Many people are substituting plain Greek yogurt for condiments such as sour cream and mayonnaise. The somewhat flavorless product can be the perfect swap for these two different toppings. Top your baked potato or nachos and try making tuna salad with Greek yogurt next time. I bet you won’t even know the difference!


Sparkling Water

Soda is one of the most harmful drinks for our bodies. While many people rally that diet coke is better, the harmful chemicals are still present. Some people can swap out soda for straight club soda. For those of you who need some flavor, there are plenty of delicious varieties of sparkling water to choose from. Lemon-lime will make you feel like you’re drinking a Sprite, while fruity flavors are a fun twist on the bubbly drinks. Those who have soda multiple times a day will find that swapping in water for all but one will drastically improve health.



If you didn’t think that Greek yogurt was versatile enough, wait until you see what cauliflower can do. If you’re into food trends then you’ve likely tried subbing cauliflower into your recipe one way or another. This vegetable has been used in everything from pizza crusts to bagels! Experts have found that when put through a food processor, cauliflower can resemble a dough-like consistency. Many have used it to make bread-based products such a rolls, bread, pizza, and tortillas. Along with all of that, when finely chopped it even is a healthy rice substitute. Move over broccoli, there’s a new favorite tree-looking veggie in town.


Stay tuned for more healthy swaps from Tracey in the near future!