Each year, more and more people begin picking up on a healthier lifestyle. In years past we have seen meal prep and fitness apps control the way that we take care of ourselves. This past year, training for long distance runs was taken up by more people than ever before. As these visiting trends continue developing, 2018 is sure to bring on many more for fitness fans of all levels to try.

Virtual Reality Workouts

Now that virtual reality, is well, a reality, more aspects of our lives will see the technology being used. Virtuix has already developed a 360° small treadmill, The Omni that connects to a game. The VR and game coincide, allowing you to run, pivot, jump and crouch. The technology syncs up with sneakers which interact with sensors on the treadmill. This tech savvy way to stay fit also measures your steps and calories. Through VR fitness, users can choose a scenic run from around the world or even compete in global events without leaving the comfort of their home.


For years now, HIIT (high intensity interval training) has been drilled into the minds of those wanting a better workout. Recently discovered is the use of LIIT, swapping out “high” for “low” and people across the country are loving it. Rather than high-energy 15-20 minutes of fitness, experts are saying that longer training methods with lower intensities are much better for overall health. Though the HIIT method is a quick way to shed those calories, the LIIT method, taking longer to complete, often has better long-term results. One of the proven methods where LIIT works, would include a 40-minute walk, where the direction or speed was altered every 5 minutes. Keeping your body guessing has led to burning 20% more than routine fitness techniques.

Group Training

Though not a new concept, many people have begun embracing group training in 2017. This trend is likely to spill into 2018 and has allowed so many individuals to find their fitness passion. For some people, walking into the gym and using the equipment causes fear and anxiety. With group training, a workout is completed with more people of various levels of experience. From Zumba classes to running groups, training in a setting with others has given hope to many who had given up on getting in shape.