Whether it’s injury, illness, or simply the chaos of life that has taken you out of the fitness game, getting back into the swing of it poses quite a few challenges. There is no shame in taking a break from working out. However, it is important that when getting back into it, using a well-crafted plan will set you up for long-term success.


Lighten the Load

Even after a week or so of not working our muscles, they lose their density. If you haven’t lifted weights in more than two weeks, it is advised that you lessen your weights by 10 lbs., or so. Other tweaks to ease you back into the fitness world is by sticking to cardio for the first few times back in the gym. For those who have had extended times out of commission, strictly cardio in the beginning, is highly advised. Taking walks, bike rides, or even a swim, are great ways to get the blood flowing without risking another injury or more time off.


Get Creative

For fitness fanatics, there is typically a routine or type of exercise that is their “go-to”. It is unrealistic to think performance levels remain the same after time-off. Finding new and creative ways to build up stamina and strength, keeps things interesting. Yoga is the perfect exercise regime for someone who is just getting back into fitness. The stretching and core strengthening is a great way to prepare your muscles for endurance, once you ease strength training back in.