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How To Get In Shape For Summer - Tracey Rancifer

How To Get in Shape For Summer

Winter is the perfect time to start thinking about getting in shape for the summer. Summer bodies are created this time of year, and now is the best time to start changing your habits to be summer body ready! Healthier Eating Habits Nutrition is a substantial part of weight loss. Anyone looking to lose weight […]


How to Boost your Body’s Metabolism

The metabolism is the term that is used to describe different chemical reactions that occur in the body and is also responsible for your energy levels. The metabolism is also known to affect how quickly food is digested, which can influence your weight. If you want to boost your metabolism, there are a few healthy […]

Tracey Rancifer - Easy Ways to Cope with Stress

Easy Ways to Cope With Stress

Stress tolerance is one of the hardest skills to practice because when we are stressed, it’s hard to focus on the skills we need to get calm again. Studies have shown there are three responses to stress: fight, flight or freeze. All of these can have an effect on your body. It seems counterintuitive, but […]

Simple Changes For Healthy Living

With all the new health trends, it is hard to think you can just be healthy without changing your entire life. Lately, all you see is a new quick fix for weight loss and new diets that make you feel like you’re starving. There is an easier way to be healthier. It only takes slight […]

Easing Back into Exercise

  Whether it’s injury, illness, or simply the chaos of life that has taken you out of the fitness game, getting back into the swing of it poses quite a few challenges. There is no shame in taking a break from working out. However, it is important that when getting back into it, using a […]

Fitness Fads for 2018

Each year, more and more people begin picking up on a healthier lifestyle. In years past we have seen meal prep and fitness apps control the way that we take care of ourselves. This past year, training for long distance runs was taken up by more people than ever before. As these visiting trends continue […]

Healthy Lifestyle Swaps: Part 1

In today’s world, many of us have become accustomed to certain daily habits. There are certain aspects of our day that we refuse to give up simply because it is embedded in our brain as a necessity. Some of these behaviors are fine but many are harmful to our health. Here are a few lifestyle […]

Ways to Workout, Without Working Out

If you took a survey, asking people if they enjoyed working out, you’d definitely get mixed reviews. While some people find that working out is their passion, many dread even the thought of stepping into a gym. Even some of the world’s most in-shape people will tell you that they have days where they just […]

Stretches You Should Do Before Every Workout

For those who grew up in athletics, you know that the most important aspect of a practice or warm-up was the stretching. Whether you did it in sync with your teammates or had your own routine in the locker room, getting those muscles flexible was a necessity. As we all got older, stretching became less […]

Top 3 Fitness Apps for Summer

  Although many of us have been working on our summer bodies for a few months, it’s never too late to change up your routine. Staying active has always been important but having the ability to track fitness and set goals has never been easier than it is today. Thanks to rapidly advancing technology, hundreds […]

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