Yoga may not be the go-to cardiovascular exercise, but it has numerous benefits for the body and the mind. It has increasingly become one of the most popular exercises here in the United States. Developed in India, and now proliferating in the states by what some may believe to be the result of Hollywood influence, yoga is here to stay. It is a healing system which allows the body to stretch and the mind to meditate. Typically composed of breathing exercises, meditation, stretching and posture, Yoga is an exercise for both the young and elderly. Did you know that with consistent yoga, you can build and increase your flexibility? Interested in other benefits of this exercise? Here are some other great things about Yoga, both for your body and your mind.

Increased muscular strength and tone

Strong muscles protect us from arthritis, back pain and for women, the deadly osteoporosis. Yoga helps you build muscle strength without the expense of your flexibility, something you are likely to experience through lifting weights alone.

Improved respiration, energy and blood flow

With yoga, you can get the blood flowing. Yoga allows the body to relax, helping the blood circulation especially through hands and feet. It helps to boost the body’s levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells that carry oxygen to the tissues. Improved respiration and blood circulation can decrease the likelihood of heart attacks, strokes and body exhaustion.Your heart rate can also increase from consistent yoga, and with a heart rate increased, you lower the risk of heart attacks and can relieve depression.


Injury protection

Yoga helps with protecting your joints through the full range of motion your body experiences. it can help prevent cartilage, joint and arthritis breakdown.

Mental wellness

Yoga makes you happy! As mentioned earlier, nothing takes away the feeling of lightness and energy you get from a great yoga session. Increased serotonin levels in the human body lowers the risk of depression.

Yoga is great as a relaxing exercise and can even be intense on the body. To learn more about the benefits of Yoga, click here