Early Life

Born in Little Rock Arkansas, a place she still calls home, Tracey Rancifer’s love for her hometown and the change in commercial and residential real estate would influence her to further her career in real estate and land development. Tracey Tracey Ranciferattended Rhodes college for her undergraduate degree in Political Science, and then University of Little Rock, Arkansas for her Masters in Public Affairs and Administration. She gained experience in development working as an executive in the private sphere, and in the public sphere within the municipal and federal government level. Family life has always been influential to Tracey Rancifer both in developing a real estate career and also in nutrition, wellness and living a healthy life.

Tracey Rancifer is currently the principal broker at Ausum Realty Inc, a real estate brokerage firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her specializations include: real estate brokerage, residential listings and sales, corporate relocation, land development and property valuations. Her extensive experience, life-long knowledge of the Little Rock area and results driven approach to finding the right properties for clients has awarded her the voted real estate agent finalist in the Arkansas Democrat’s Gazette’s “Best of the Best” Real Estate Agent Division. Tracey Rancifer believes in providing her clients with the “Tracey Difference”. She does this by utilizing her knowledge of the Little Rock, Arkansas area, coupling it with her strong negotiation and consultative skills to provide her clients with the best buying and selling opportunities.


Tracey in Health and Wellness

From a young age, Tracey Rancifer learned to cook a variety of meals from her mother and grandmother.

Seeing the effects of poor nutritional choices on the health of people in her family and local community, Tracey Rancifer developed an interest in learning about healthy foods in relation to overall health and wellness. Performing research, she learned about the Standard American Diet (SAD), a diet characterized by large portions of processed food, and how it affected the lives of Americans, thereafter Tracey decided to make actionable changes in her own life by getting back to whole foods, cooking meals at home and making health and wellness an engaging group activity to increase awareness amongst friends and family.

Today, Tracey Rancifer is a certified health coach who advocates for and creates healthy recipes through nutritional substitution, employing gluten free recipes, and an inclusive approach to health and wellness. She also advocates for daily exercise and includes stress management practices as an active approach to wellness.